Football season is in full swing!!
How is your team doing!
I loved watching the snow the past few games!!
You can see the breath in the bitter cold!
Glad I am watching it from my couch in sunny warm Arizona!!!

The "Raven Magic" piece was commissioned as a gift for Adam Terry, # 78 of the Baltimore Ravens ~ Which by the way are really on a great roll these days!!

Looking real~real good!!! Go Ravens!!
Can't wait till I watch them play the Steelers & Rock their clock again!!!

Being that I am from New England, I have a soft spot for the Patriots~ So I have to make mention how well they are doing too!!
Also right up there with the Ravens!!

Enjoy your team if your swearing or cheering ~ it's all part of the game!

I have many more commission pieces that I am working on ~ I will post them as I go along!!