I love TIKI's - Tiki Tattoo Cover up By Sedona Tattoo Artist - Jan A. Sullivan a.k.a Retro Art By Jan

Here is a work in progress - One session only.

You always know when you have the perfect customer.  They are honest, they have told you they have shopped around, checked out many portfolios and chose you. 

This is important.   I love when people shop around and they end up in my studio.  
They ask for your style - art that you love!

Collect a piece of my custom art for your home or body!

I tattoo cover ups, small tiny pieces, finish other artist work, tighten up lines/ retouch/ correct old pieces... New pieces too!
I will design a special piece just for you!

Here is a work in progress - One session only.

AFTER One Session - Outline of Tiki 
Stencil process of Tiki
    I can't wait to add more shading and the hot, tropical bright colors that I am known for!

    BEFORE - Old Tattoo      
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